About the Herbs 


5 Essential Nutrients

Most multis have 5+ ingredients you already get enough of from food. Ours contains only nutrients you need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use.


Lycium nourishes and tonifies the Liver and Kidneys. This strengthens the blood and Yin in the body. Also known as Goji Berries, Lycium has been shown to improve sperm quality in men. It improves the level of testosterone in the blood and boosts sexual function. Also, a known antioxidant, it helps reduce any inflammation in the prostate.

Asian Water Plantain

People use Asian water plantain for conditions such as bladder and urinary tract diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many others,


Chrysanthemum has been used for many acute conditions, such as irritated or infected eyes, boils and carbuncles, headaches (similar to its cousin Feverfew), colds and influenza, and other acute viral infections


Astragalus helps to decrease stress and tension which can affect fertility and regulates normal cell growth.


 Jujubes contain a wide array of different ones, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.8 They contain 20 times more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, a nutrient known for strengthening the immune system and fighting infections, which may be why jujubes have been used medicinally for millennia in many cultures