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Supplements for Fatty Liver Disease: How to Help Your Body Heal

Has your doctor told you that you have a “fatty liver”? He’s not just being mean. It’s a real thing! Let’s take a look at some natural supplements for fatty liver disease.

What IS Fatty Liver Disease?

This disease is when too much fat accumulates in the liver cells. The liver is considered “fatty” when there is more than 5% fat.

This can occur with excessive alcohol consumption, however, that is not always the case. There is something doctors call Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD.

What Causes NAFLD?

NAFLD can happen when a person consumes too much fat, or fatty acids. Triglycerides build up in the blood stream and get deposited in the liver. The liver cannot process all of the triglycerides, so they embed into the liver cells.

NAFLD also occurs in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. For some reason, when blood glucose levels are high for an extended period of time, triglycerides build up in the blood stream.

The good news is that at this stage, you can reverse your liver disease and have a healthy liver again! Keep reading to learn more about supplements for fatty liver.

What Can Heal Fatty Liver Disease?

Milk Thistle

This herb is known for it’s liver healing effects. According to Healthline, “Some studies have found that milk thistle, alone or in combination with vitamin E, may help reduce insulin resistance, inflammation and liver damage in people with NAFLD”

Vitamin E

When combined with other herbs, Vitamin E can help reverse fatty liver disease. You can get Vitamin E in supplements, or through foods rich in the vitamin. These include vegetable oils, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.


This plant compound can be taken from many different plants. It has been shown in various studies to drastically reduce blood glucose levels.

According (again) to Healthline, Berberine acts in several different ways to affect blood sugar levels:

Decreases insulin resistance, making the blood sugar lowering hormone insulin more effective.

Increases glycolysis, helping the body break down sugars inside cells

.Decrease sugar production in the liver.

Slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut.Increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Knowing this, I would recommend all diabetics take this supplement! You can find the berberine compound in Goldenseal, Indian Barberry, Goldenthread, and Oregon grape.

Goldenseal is an amazing supplement that has many uses. It is great for healing. It even heals the INSIDE of your body.

My mother used to combine powdered Goldenseal with Vaseline to put on cuts and scrapes. It would heal us up faster than antibiotic ointment!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These are some of the “healthy fats” you’ve been hearing about. Omega 3s can reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, decrease cholesterol levels, and reduce triglycerides.

You can get Omega 3s from eating fatty fish like salmon or trout. They are also found in capsule form (fish oil or omega 3 oils).

If you don’t like to eat fish or if you are vegetarian or vegan, there are seaweed-derived supplements that provide generous amounts of EPA and DHA Omega 3s that you need for cardiovascular health and brain health.


Studies have shown that exercise is a great way to reduce liver fat. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way, but any exercise is better than none.

Research shows that 30-60 minutes of exercise, 5 days per week is the best routine to help get rid of fat cells in the liver.

Blood Glucose Control

If you are diabetic and you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, you MUST get your blood sugar levels under control. As I mentioned before, high blood sugars lead to high triglyceride levels, and high triglycerides lead to high fat cells in the liver.

For tips on how to bring your blood glucose down, check out my blog HERE.

Other Natural Remedies

If you’re looking for great supplements for fatty liver disease, check out Bioterra Herbs’ D

etox formula. The herbs used in this formula are great for a gentle yet powerful detox that can help the body heal itself. Click the image to the right for a link to purchase the product and read more about the herbs.

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