About the Herbs 


5 Essential Nutrients

Most multis have 5+ ingredients you already get enough of from food. Ours contains only nutrients you need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use.

Asian Ginseng

Has been known to provide an energy boost (or “replenishing the pulse”) for thousands of years. It also helps protect brain cells, boosting mental clarity and vigor.


Regulates qi and helps with mental fatigue. It tonifies the kidneys which is vital for balancing energy levels.


Known as the “Great Rejuvenator,” has been used for energy and boosting the immune system. It invigorates qi in the body and strengthens the spleen.

Grass-Leaf Sweetflag

Refreshes the mind and brings harmony to the stomach and heart. It induces a tranquil state while allowing the increase of energy


When paired with Ginseng, protects the heart. It nourishes the yin and strengthens the stomach for optimal nutrient absorptio.

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